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About Ami

Name:Yamamura Ami
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 157cm
Age: 16
Dating: Single
Job Student/Site Mascot
Religion: Buddhist/Shinto
Pet: none (apartment building does not allow them) but likes cats.
Favorite Movie Genre Quirky Drama
Favorite Movie Kamikaze Girls or Linda, Linda, Linda
Favorite Music: Pop and some Rock
Favorite J-Pop song: Tokaikko Junjo
Favorite Hello!Project Member: Suzuki Airi
Auditioned for Hello!Project?: Yes but was disqualified for being fictional.
Favorite Video Game: Any Dancing Game
Favorite Book: Socrates in Love
Favorite Food: Yakitori, green tea and rice balls
Least Favorite Food: Konnyaku amd Natto
Favorite Color: Lavender but also likes most pastel
Favorite Word/Phrase: Hajimemashite (she likes meeting new poeple)
Charm Point: Her Smile
Special Ability Dancing
Ideal Vacation: Okinawa
Pet Peeve: Messy Rooms
Ami's Artist Deviant Page
Ami Yamamura
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