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Within this section you will find my many loves of Japan and its culture. This love started very simple with wanting to run games with a Japanese flair after reading Ranma 1/2. I wanted as much realism as possible and that meant understanding the culture. Since then I have read many manga, watch a lot of anime, watch a lot of movie (both J-horror and others) and read alot of Novels. Recently I even began to to take a class on the language. All this I hope to show off in this section in one form or another. So please accept this humble display of my love of Japan.

My J-Pop CD Collection
Following this link will take you to the albums I have in my every growing collection of J-Pop CDs. Currently it has only the albums and my ratings but eventually I will add pictures of my CDs and maybe some reviews.
My Japanese Movie Collection
As you will probably guess from my list here, I am a fan of J-horror. That being said there are movies that I like that are also listed that are comedies, drama and action film from Japan.
My Anime Collection
Here we have the list of one of the fist thing that got me into Japan in the first place. Currently it only has the anime I own. Trying to remember all the anime I have ever seen might be too much of daunting task. So please forgive this short list.
Pictures of My Music Collection
Here is a couple of pictures of my music CDs and music DVDs.
AKB48 MixUp
A Random Generator that mixes up the Girls' names.
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