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My Anime DVD Collection

Movie/Series Name Genre Rating
Birdy the Mighty Volume 1 and 2 Sci-Fi/Action 3.5 Rating Star
Demon City Shinjuku Supernatural 4 Rating Star
Dragon Half Fantasy/Comedy 4 Rating Star
Dimond Daydreams Romance 4 Rating Star
Dirty Pair Flash (Perfect Collection) Romance 3.5 Rating Star
EscaFlowne (TV Series Box Set) Fantasy 4 Rating Star
Excel Saga Volume 1 Comedy 4 Rating Star
Gestalt Fantasy/Comedy 4 Rating Star
Here is Greenwood Comdey/Drama 4.5 Rating Star
Jubie-Chan Series 1 (Complete) Comedy/Action 3.5 Rating Star
Kaleido Star Series 1 (Complete) Drama 4.5 Rating Star
Love Hina Christmas Movies Romance/Comedy 3.5 Rating Star
Macross Plus Volume 1 and 2 Sci-fi/Romance 5 Rating Star
Magic User's Club! (Complete) Supernatural 3 Rating Star
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Comedy 4.5 Rating Star
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland Weird 3.5 Rating Star
Moldiver Sci-fi/Action 3.5 Rating Star
Perfect Blue Drama 4.5 Rating Star
Phantom Quest Corp. Supernatural 4 Rating Star
Plastic Little Sci-fi/Action 3 Rating Star
Princess Nine (Complete) Drama 4.5 Rating Star
Ruin Explorers Fantasy/Comedy 3.5 Rating Star
Saint Tail Volume 1 Supernatural/Action 4 Rating Star
Witch Hunter Robin (Complete) Supernatural 5 Rating Star
Yu-Yu-Yakusho Volume 1 Supernatural 3 Rating Star
* Rating Code. From No Stars= Very Bad to 5 Stars= Really Good. Complete inidicates that I have the whole series.
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