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Main Links

Hell! Project
Hell! Project is a great place for news and discussion of Hello! Project acts and various other J-pop performers.
HERO Games
HERO Games main website. A very vibrant community centering around one of the greatest roleplaying game of all time.
My Photostream at Flickr
My Photostream at Flickr. This is a collection of photos I have taken.

Gaming Links

Surbrook's Stuff
Michael Surbrook's site has tons of anime and other conversions of characters into the HERO system. This is a highly recommended site.
BlackWyrm Games
Home of great games for HEROES (Including Michael Surbrook's Kazei 5. Also has supplements for Mutants and Masterminds and ficition.
Pelgrane Press
A great system for Horror campaigning. The rules are both eloquent and simple to learn.
Entertainment Group
Home of the Savage Worlds Game System. Another simple and fast system.

J-Pop Links

Kiwi Musume's Jpop Page
This page is a great source for lyrics to a variety of J-Pop Songs.
Also I have paid her to get Momoiro Clover's Kibun wa Super Girl! translated. Way cool!
A Wiki dedicated to one of the best J-pop group around: AKB48!
Nippon Cinema
With reviews and trailers, this is an excellent site for getting some ideas before you buy.
This is the site to go to for lyrics for Hello! Prjoect units. A great resource!
A great link enough for information on J-Pop.


Tokyo Hive
A great Blog for J-Pop, Dorama, Movie and Actress information.
Saya in Underworld
As a fan of horror, I have found this site quite interesting. Thanks Saya.

Web Comics

Eerie Cuties
Vampires, Werewolves and other thing that goes bump in the night!
Sequential Art
A fun web-comic detailing the going on of an artist named Art and his anthromorphized house mates.

General Links

Google Translate
When I want a quick translation into Kanji or a rough translation of a page, I use Google Translate.
My Yelp Reviews

Commerical Links

Servage Web Hosting
This is the company that I hosts this site through. A great company with incredible customer service. Also if you join following this link both you and I will benefit.
CD Japan
This is my main source of J-Pop albums (my other being iTunes Japan). This is a great store with great service.
The sister store to J-list and is family/work friendly. A great source for anything from the wacky to the exotic to Japanese iTunes cards. I highly recommend J-box for buying stuff from Japan!
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