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Cooking with Yamamura
Yes I know how to cook. While am I am not a great chef, I do come up with some pretty tasty meals.
My Librarything Early Reviews
This is my collection of reviews for LibraryThing Early Review Program. This is open for Library things member whether you have free account or paid. Once the month they get a collection of free books that their member can review (if you get picked).
Random Japanese Names
A very simple generator for randomly creating Japanese names. A great help for roleplaying games or when you need a name for a story.
For good or ill, here is where I will put any story I write. I am not an author but like at least putting my tales down for others to see.
The original material presented here is my own creation, intended for use with the HERO System and/or other products of DOJ, Inc. d/b/a Hero Games. This material is not official, and has not been approved or endorsed by DOJ, Inc. Also the girl at the top of my page is commisoned art. Please do not use on any other website.
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