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Victorian Disadvantages

Physical Limitation (Corseted) Frequently/Slightly: Almost any woman would not be caught dead without this very important piece of clothing. When wearing a corset all movement endurance cost and strength endurance cost are increased by 1 due to the Corset (or by 2 for tightly corseted that women tend to do for parties though some women do it all the time). Of course one can loosen ones lacings but remember due the fact of wearing a corset a woman's back muscles are atrophied and prolonged activity without support can result in sever aching muscles the next day. Cost: 10 points

Social Limitation (Female) Infrequently/Major: Women in Victorian society have fewer rights than their male counterparts. They can not vote or join the military and before 1882-4 land own before marriage becomes their husbands after marriage. Also except for girls of certain hereditary titles they cannot inherit their father's titles. Cost: 10 points
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