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The Rider

The sounds of the city seemed to fade and lose focus as Konomi Fujimura slowly headed down the embankment. She had never seen a dead body before, so she was drawn to the remains as a moth to the flame, a morbid curiosity ruling her will and fear. She carefully approached through the tall grass and weeds making sure she didn't step in blood or anything else that belonged to the corpse. This was more of selfish reason than fear of contaminating the scene. Konomi would have hated throwing away the new shoes she was wearing if she did step in something.

A look of terror was etched on the face of the dead girl. She appeared to be around high school age, not unlike Konomi herself. The blouse of her uniform was bloody, ripped and slashed; revealing both glimpses of skin and gore. Her skirt was raised high and her panties were pulled down. The killer had taken more from her than just her life. Standing there looking at the corpse, Konomi's curiosity was sated and the fear that been held back began to flood her mind. 'What if the murderer was nearby? She should really get out of there', these and other similar thoughts arose in her brain. She slowly turned to head up the hill and toward people, when a chill went up her back and she heard a sound behind her, a wet sound that one hears when two wet objects pull apart and the water gives up its suction. Fearfully turning her head, Konomi saw the corpse standing behind her, then her world went dark.

The voices of people, the smell of exhaust and bright lights surrounded her as she came to. She was shocked to find that she was no longer down in the ravine with the dead girl but actually walking along a street. She tried to stop but found another's will pushing her onward. Suddenly memories of her grandfather's farm in Hokkaido, hot lazy August days riding his horses, Konomi exerting her will on to the horses. This is what it must have felt like for the horse; a longing for choosing one's own path, but dominated by another, for now she was the one being ridden. She could sense the purposefulness of her rider as it guided her in the direction of a convenience store. She could see a group of boys about her age gathered by the entrance, a cloud of cigarette smoke surrounding them. American Hip-Hop music blared from a portable stereo. The will pushed her onward toward them, no toward him. She could sense the rider focusing her vision on one of the young men.

As she got closer, one of the other boys noticed her and pointed her out to the rider's target. He looked up and his face went ashen. He nervously got up and began to back up. Her rider pushed her on. A look of terror on his face and a look of confusion on the faces of his friends and then he was off. As if spurs had been dug into her side so was she, chasing after the young man. Through the city streets they raced, the young man panicking, stumbling, sprinting but never pulling away or closer. The rider kept her in check never allowing her to get close to the target but never far enough that he would lose sight of them. Konomi could feel the cold anger of her rider and the burning in her lungs and legs as she gave chase.

She began to wonder if this was ever going to end. Will she be forever doomed to chase another while guided by the rider or would her body give out? The boy was heading down a subway station entrance and Konomi followed. He jumped the subway gates and continued on while the rider began to rein Konomi in. She quietly went through showing her student pass while the attention of the majority of station's staff was centered on the running boy. She could hear a station officer down the stairs yelling at the boy and his desperate responses as she strolled slowly forward.

Looking down the stairs she could see the boy in the grips of the officer, but boy wasn't looking toward him but up from where he had come. He saw her standing there and with a burst of strength pulled away from the officer and was running toward the platform. Konomi quickly jogged down the stairs to see him on the platform looking like a trapped animal. The fear that surged in his heart was too strong to even to move slightly in her direction toward the exits. The rider slowed Konomi's pace and began to move her toward the boy. People looked in his direction, wondering what was wrong, while some looked back to where he looked in terror and saw only a high school girl. All the while the boy kept backing up, closer to the ledge. It was too late by the time that most noticed that he was backing up too far. Some one yelled stop, as a step backward into the air caused him to vanished as the roar and lights of a subway train came tearing through the station, its breaks screeching as it tried to stop.

Suddenly freed from the rider, Konomi stumbled away. All she wanted was to get away from the second scene of death that she saw tonight. She couldn't remember finding the restroom but she headed in and instantly bent over the sink to splash water on her face. That is when she noticed her hands. The fanciful well manicured nails done in shades of purple with small stones set in them were a far cry from her closed pared nails with a clear pink polish. Fearfully she looked up and there in the mirror was the face of a girl that she had only saw in death before staring back at her, a look of terror beginning to show on it.

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