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Val  Char   Cost
8  STR-2
18  DEX24
15  CON10
10  BODY0
13  INT3
14  EGO8
15  PRE5
16  COM3
3  PD1
3  ED0
3  SPD2
5  REC0
30  END0
25  STUN3
6"  RUN0
2"  SWIM0
1 1/2"  LEAP0
Characteristics Cost: 57
Cost  PowerEND
22  Sense the Presence of Spirits: Detect A Class Of Things 12- (Unusual Group), Discriminatory, Range, Sense, Tracking 0
10  Medium: Retrocognitive Clairsentience (Hearing Group), Usable By Other (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (70 Active Points); Extra Time (5 Minutes, -2), Concentration, Must Concentrate throughout use of Constant Power (0 DCV; Character is totally unaware of nearby events; -1 1/2), Precognition/Retrocognition Only (-1), Only in Haunted Places (-1/2), Only Things that the spirit wishes to tell and know of (-1/2), Side Effects (Chance of Being Possessed by a powerful Spirit; -1/4) 0
Powers Cost: 32
Cost  Skill
5  +1 with DCV 
4  +2 with Bows 
1  Animal Handler (Equines) 8- 
3  High Society 12- 
2  KS: Ghostlore 11- 
3  KS: Literature 12- 
2  KS: Occult 11- 
3  Language: French (completely fluent) 
3  PS: Dancing 13- 
0  PS: Household Management (Everyman Skill) 11- 
2  PS: Piano 11- 
1  PS: Sewing 8- 
8  Penalty Skill Levels: +4 vs. Range Modifier with Bows 
3  Persuasion 12- 
3  Riding 13- 
1  Seduction 8- 
3  Shadowing 12- 
3  Stealth 13- 
2  WF: Bows, Handguns 
Skills Cost: 52
Cost  Perk
5  Money: Well Off 
2  Fringe Benefit: Courtesy Title: Lady (Daughter of an Earl) 
Perks Cost: 7
Cost  Talent
2  Environmental Movement (no penalties in Skirts) 
Talents Cost: 2
Val  Disadvantages
0  Normal Characteristic Maxima 
5  Physical Limitation: Corseted (Infrequently, Slightly Impairing) 
15  Psychological Limitation: Loyal to Friends (Common, Strong) 
10  Psychological Limitation: Aversion to Killing (Common, Moderate) 
10  Reputation: As an Eccentric and Possibly Loose Woman, 14- (Known Only To the Social Elite) 
10  Social Limitation: Female (Frequently, Minor) 
5  Unluck: 1d6 
20  Vulnerability: 2 x Effect Ghostly Possession (Common) 
Disadvantage Points: 75
Base Points: 75 Experience Required: 0 Total Experience Available: 0 Experience Unspent: 0 Total Character Cost: 150
Height: 1.63 mHair: Blonde
Weight: 52.00 kgEyes: Brown
Appearance: May is a 20 year old of slight build and attractive appearance. She tends to wear stylish clothes appropriate to one of her status.
Personality: May is a straight forward type of girl. She will instantly dispense with the nicety of society if it allows her to get the heart of the problem. This of course has led to talk about her, from her being on the eccentric side to the fact that she has improper relations with men (not true, but people do talk). But May is bothered little by such talk and tries to live life on her terms. Once people get to know her, they realize what a good and loyal friend she can be.
Quote:There are angry spirits here my friends, we must be very wary this time.
Background: May was born the third child of the Earl of Thorndale. Her mother died soon after of a fever, leaving the young May to be raised by her father, brothers and the servants. It was not until May's 10th birthday that her father being prodded by sister, hired a governess to rein in the young girl. While the young May learned to be more Lady-like, she still maintains openness with men, one generally do not find amongst young women.

Her life took a turn for the bizarre when she was 16 and came down with the same fever that killed her mother. Everyone feared that they would lose May the same way. But May's mother, who was always watching her little girl, used the powers granted to her to save her daughter from her fate and was finally able to move on. All May remembers of this is a dream of her mother coming to her soothe her brow with water. After May recovers, she discovered that she could sense the presence of spirits and even allow them to talk through her.

It was during her coming out ball that, May met a group of men interested in the study of the occult (and dealing with it when necessary). May feeling this was what her life should be about took up with the group as their medium. Since then she has help in couple of cases of haunted houses.
Powers/Tactics: May can channel the spirits of dead and allow them to talk through her (i.e. A medium). She is quite talented with the bow and practices every chance she gets (and loves archery competitions). In a situation that calls for battle, she will stay in the background and use a pistol if she needs one or a bow if she can get her hands on one. She will try to keep out of the way of any front line fighter and will follow order of whoever is leading the mission.
Campaign Use: May works best on a team. Her knowledge of the occult especially with Ghosts is invaluable to any team of supernatural hunters. She is also able to go and be at places where it would not be proper for a gentleman to be.
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