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Val  Char   Cost
8  STR-2
15  DEX15
15  CON10
10  BODY0
18  INT8
18  EGO16
13/17  PRE3
18  COM4
6/12  PD4
6/12  ED3
4  SPD15
5  REC0
30  END0
30  STUN8
6"  RUN0
2"  SWIM0
1 1/2"  LEAP0
Characteristics Cost: 84
Cost  PowerEND
15  Bonded with the Spirit World: LS (Immunity: diseases; Unaging ) 0
22  Ectoplasmic Powers: Elemental Control, 44-point powers 
15  1) Ectoplasmic Fire I: (Total: 44 Active Cost, 31 Real Cost) EB 1d6, Affects Desolidified Ghost/Spirits (+1/4), BOECV (Mental Defense applies; +1), Range Modifiers Apply (-1/4) (10 Active Points); Normal Range (-1/4) (Real Cost: 8) plus EB 3d6, Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4), Affects Desolidified Ghosts/Spirits (+1/4), BOECV (Mental Defense applies; +1), Range Modifiers Apply (-1/4) (34 Active Points); Normal Range (-1/4), Conditional Power Power Only Works at Night (-1/4) (Real Cost: 23) 2
13  2) Ectoplasmic Fire II: EB 3d6, Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4), BOECV (Mental Defense applies; +1), Range Modifiers Apply (-1/4), Does BODY (+1) (45 Active Points); Normal Range (-1/4), Conditional Power Power Only Works at Night (-1/4), Ghost/Spirits Only (-1/4) 2
11  3) Ectoplasmic Light: Sight Group Images Increased Size (4" radius; +1/2), +/-4 to PER Rolls, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (44 Active Points); Only To Create Light (-1) 0
10  Ghost Sight: Detect Ghosts/Spirits 13- (Sight Group), Discriminatory 0
17  Ghostly Recovery: Healing 1 BODY, Can Heal Limbs, Resurrection, Reduced End. (0 END; +1/2), Persistent (+1/2) (70 Active Points); Extra Time (Regen.-Only) 6 Hours (-2 1/2), Self (-1/2) 0
3  Phantom like mind: Mental Def. (7 points total) 0
2  Braver than she looks: +4 PRE (4 Active Points); Only for Fear Based Attacks (-1) 
Powers Cost: 108
Cost  Skill
1  Breakfall 8- 
3  Concealment 13- 
3  Conversation 12- 
1  Criminology 8- 
3  Deduction 13- 
3  High Society 12- 
2  KS: Music 11- 
2  KS: Occultism 11- 
2  Language: French (fluent conversation) 
3  PS: Dance 12- 
2  PS: Piano 11- 
2  PS: Sewing 11- 
3  Riding 12- 
3  Shadowing 13- 
3  Stealth 12- 
1  TF: Carts & Carriages, Equines 
Skills Cost: 37
Cost  Perk
7  Money: Wealthy 
Perks Cost: 7
Cost  Talent
2  Environmental Movement (Skirts) 
12  Combat Luck (6 PD/6 ED) 
Talents Cost: 14
Val  Disadvantages
10  Distinctive Features: Ghostly Aura (Not Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Uncommonly-Used Senses) 
15  Hunted: Jacob Bollamore (Vampire) 8- (Mo Pow, Harshly Punish) 
10  Physical Limitation: Corseted (Frequently, Slightly Impairing) 
10  Psychological Limitation: Adventerous and Fun Loving (Common, Moderate) 
15  Psychological Limitation: In Love with Gawain Orkney (Common, Strong) 
15  Psychological Limitation: Loyal to Friends (Common, Strong) 
10  Reputation: As an Occult Adventuress, 14- (Known Only To A Small Group) 
10  Social Limitation: 19th Century Female (Occasionally, Major) 
5  Watched: Mysterious Cabal 8- (Mo Pow, NCI, Limited Geographical Area, Watching) 
Disadvantage Points: 100
Base Points: 150 Experience Required: 0 Total Experience Available: 0 Experience Unspent: 0 Total Character Cost: 250
Height: 1.63 mHair: Brown
Weight: 54.00 kgEyes: Brown
Appearance: Slender girl around Age 19 with good posture and manners
Personality: Friendly, fun loving and charitable is just some of the words people have used to describe her even though her strangeness does put them off. There is also a hint of sadness that hangs about her due to the fact of what she is and that time will always rob her of what she loves, though she tries not to think of this. She is also quite independent minded and is unafraid to state her opinions.
Quote:Spirit of the Night, your time has passed, move on or else I will defeat you.
Background: Born in 1818 to a wealthy land owner, Lorelei grew up strong and proud. She was trained in the womanly arts and was to be a quite sought after bride by age 19 that is until she died. Lorelei herself does not remember the illness that caused her to pass out of this life into the next nor why suddenly she was alive again lying in her coffin awaiting her funereal. But from that day forward there was something different about her. It was not something people could pinpoint, just an unearthly feeling about her. Soon the river of young men seeking her hand in marriage dried up leaving her doom to spinsterhood.

It was soon after this that she decided to travel the Continent and it was there that she first met Jacob Bollamore. In defending herself from the vampire, she discovered her abilities to control a type of ectoplasmic fire. While she did not defeat the vampire, she at least destroyed his base of power in Paris causing him to flee. Since then, he has sent minions to harass her through out her travels.

Returning home briefly in the spring of 1860 for her father's funereal, brought another shock to her. In her travel, she had never stayed one place too long and had gone through a number of maids and travel companions such that she never realized that she was not aging. This caused even a greater stir in home town, causing her to flee and never looked back.

She soon started to earn a living by helping out people with strange mysteries on their hands. Her abilities to see and vanquished ghost may not of earned friendship or companionship but it did feed her and clothed her quite well. She has been known to offer her services free to the poor dealing with things that are beyond them.

But even to those who have condemned themselves to loneliness, sometimes love finds them anyway, for Lorelei that person is Gawain Orkney. Gawain is somebody who has seen many strange things and is an inheritor of ancient powers and so the strangeness she radiates does not bother him. So now for the first time in her life since her father, somebody loves her. Secretly she fears time and that her time with Gawain will be brief and she will be left alone again, but until that day she is enjoying the feeling of being in love.
Powers/Tactics: She will first try to see if there is anyway to appease the spirit or ghost, failing that she will attack it and hopefully defeat it that way. So far other then Mr. Bollamore, she has not fought anything she could not handle. Of course her powers have no power over psychic residue and so she will not be able to clean that up.
Campaign Use: Gawain has been kidnapped by her arch enemy Mr. Bollamore. Lorelei hearing of the PCs interest in the Occult has come to them asking for their assistance in freeing Gawain and perchance freeing the world of this bloodsucker.

Gawain is worried. His darling Lorelei is acting very secretive. She has been having secret meetings and is hiding something from him. He has asked the players, because they travel in the same circles, to help out with finding what Lorelei is up to. The truth is that she has fallen under a spell of a charlatan who promises to cure her of this bond with the spirit world.
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